[ofiwg] OFIWG F2F in Monterrey

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Mar 8 16:08:01 PST 2016

After looking at the open/known issues, there weren't any that I didn't think we could solve through either GitHub issues or our normal ofiwg meetings.  Most require specific proposals beforehand to discuss and analyze.  For a F2F meeting, this was the best idea that I could come up with for an agenda, which I'm tossing out for discussion, (but not recommending one way or another).

OFIWG Hack-a-thon 2016!
We could use face to face time as a developer working session.  The goals would be to:

- Pick select fabtests to either expand or develop
- Port to Solaris
- Re-design the ofiwg web site
- Work through the utility provider design and implementation

If we went this route, then we should definitely have t-shirts for such a prestigious event.

- Sean

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