[ofiwg] release plans for libfabric 1.5.3 / 1.6

Howard Pritchard hppritcha at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 15:01:55 PST 2017

Hi Sean,

I'd be in favor of doing a 1.5.3 in the early December time frame if others
have fixes they'd like to get out soon.
The proposed migration of the GNI MR cache into common code is a big one
and I'd rather have a release
available for users that has the fix for the GNI MR cache in its current


2017-11-22 13:40 GMT-07:00 Hefty, Sean <sean.hefty at intel.com>:

> > Do we plan to release a 1.5.3 bug fix release of libfabric?  If so,
> > any ideas when?
> Point-releases are mostly on an as-needed basis.  If you have a need, we
> can spin a 1.5.3 release early next month.  Some current PRs may be
> applicable for 1.5.3.
> > The 1.6.0 milestone on github has a release date of 12/9/17.  Are we
> > still on track for that?
> I'm not sure about the timing for 1.6.0.  Hitting 12/9 looks impossible.
> It would be nice to get 1.6 out before the end of the year, but there are a
> lot of outstanding PRs that should get into 1.6.
> - Sean
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