[ofiwg] sharing code between libfabric and fabtests

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Fri Aug 24 17:22:33 PDT 2018

Because of the need to support OS and platform portability, there's a small, but growing, amount of code that needs to be shared between fabtests and libfabric.  Today the code has been duplicated.  (As an example, the definitions for complex data types are duplicated).

I know git has a submodule option (and subtree) that's close to what we need.  We might also be able to use some sort of build script to pull in the related files.  We could even move the shared code into a separate repo used by both, which might make submodules friendlier, and is probably the 'right' choice...

Does anyone have ideas as to the best option here?

- Sean

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