[ofiwg] C++ network technical specification

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Fri Jan 5 12:39:06 PST 2018

In order to track progress on defining fabric support as part of the networking technical specification, I've added a new git repo.


Chris has submitted a skeleton proposal using markdown.

Since the last OFIWG meeting, I've sent emails to the individuals and working groups that were identified asking for guidance and input.  Because this mailing list is closed, it was not copied.  But for anyone interested in reading most of the responses, you can see them here:


I want to call out a couple responses.  The first is to look at the following link on how to submit a proposal.


This contains a short suggestion on how to approach this.  I also received a direct reply indicating that backing a proposal with an implementation is preferred.  That suggestion is supported by the above link.

- Sean

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