[ofiwg] c++ Fabric - from ofiwg discussion from today

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue May 22 14:29:38 PDT 2018

In the ofiwg, we briefly discussed what are the proper objects to define for C++.  If I understood correctly, Chris has defined the C++ Fabric object, which maps to the libfabric domain object.  (C++ objects are named with Studly Caps.)

The OFI fabric is a container for these objects: event queues, wait sets, passive endpoints, and domains.

Arguably, the ASIO IO Service abstracts away concepts like event queues and wait sets.  If so, that only leaves passive endpoints as needing to exist outside of the OFI domain.

Is there a way to keep C++ Fabric -> OFI domain, but allow passive endpoints to live outside of the Fabric?  It may help to have pseudocode that accepts a connection on the passive side.

- Sean

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