[ofiwg] preparing for libfabric release 1.7.1

Ilango, Arun arun.ilango at intel.com
Tue Mar 12 11:20:16 PDT 2019

The think following commits need to be cherry-picked. Other commits for verbs, rxm providers have been already picked.

86638499d prov/rxm: Fix setting of the CQ error entry "err" sign
23ab409b8 prov/verbs: Fix double free in XRC fi_accept error path
bd454c105 prov/verbs: Add locking around registration cache calls

The following commit is probably dependent on other commits in this PR: https://github.com/ofiwg/libfabric/pull/4781/commits

3085e80ea prov/rxm: check util_ep tx/rx msg flag for all *msg API functions

I can create a PR for the above. I also have a couple of more bug fixes that I would like to get merged this week.


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> From: Hefty, Sean
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> Cc: Ilango, Arun <arun.ilango at intel.com>; Ingerson, Alexia
> <alexia.ingerson at intel.com>; Nimmagadda, Venkata Krishna
> <venkata.krishna.nimmagadda at intel.com>; Steve Welch
> <swelch at systemfabricworks.com>
> Subject: preparing for libfabric release 1.7.1
> I'm looking at creating 1.7.1rc1 this week.  Based on looking at git log
> between v1.7.x and master branches, the following commits are *possible*
> changes to backport from master to v1.7.x.  Many of these may not apply,
> as they fix problems in master only.  (Likewise, there may be other commits
> that I excluded that could be needed).
> Provider maintainers, please scan this list and let me know which commits
> should be pulled into v1.7.x prior to rc1.
> Thanks,
> - Sean
> ---
> List created using:
> git log --online v1.7.x.master v1.7.0..
> then manually pickout out patches based on reading the log message.  I did
> not analyze the full log message or changes.
> 78ed89820 prov/rxm: increment correct error counter on atomic response
> status errors
> 225739174 prov/rxm: fix incorrect atomic counter increment
> 23f112af2 fabtests/ubertest: completion return fix
> bd454c105 prov/verbs: Add locking around registration cache calls
> 1d7caffec prov/rxd: simplify and fix completion functions
> 11c54f5e3 prov/rxd: return -FI_EAGAIN if no tx_entry was available and tx
> was aborted
> bb6931095 prov/rxd: fix msg flags
> 40e65388c prov/rxm: Fix returned fi_info attributes when FI_ATOMIC is
> specified 657726f0a windows: Remove duplicate getpid define
> 90cbe1195 prov/rxm: Fix sending of non-inline atomic response protocol
> message 5a98224bb prov/sockets: Fix memory leak on check failure in
> getinfo 12c3505cb prov/verbs: set err code to FI_ECANCELED when we get
> WR flushed error
> 43c02be80 prov/verbs: Workaround for #4672 and
> 83b745538 prov/verbs: Make verbs fi_getinfo rx_attr verification thread-
> safe d6c00f2ec prov/verbs: Fix intermittent CQ busy at MPI finalize when
> using XRC 33bece85d prov/rxm: fix CM data sent on reject request and its
> processing at receiver
> cf65086f6 prov/sockets: fix double lock acquisition 77afc954c prov/tcp: set
> cm_entry->info->dest_addr when writing FI_CONNREQ event 1552c408b
> prov/tcp; try to avoid getting signals on send call in fi_reject.
> 86638499d prov/rxm: Fix setting of the CQ error entry "err" sign
> 697187819 prov/verbs: Fix shared XRC INI QP connection setup scheduling
> error 38863776e Fix uninitialized pointer in sock_ep cm_entry.info
> 448d03a10 prov/rxd: Fix use after free error in rxd_endpoint
> ac700b865 prov/shm: fix memory corruption
> 3db5da289 prov/shm: fix memory leak
> 8f24300c1 ubertest: fix counter usage
> 5389cd813 prov/tcp: Fix use after free error reading handle->endian_match
> 012d9f0e0 prov/tcp: Cleanup process_tx_entry
> 02a44cff2 prov/tcp: Remove duplicate rx_queue removal
> aae1356e9 prov/tcp: Free buffer pool when destroying srx e84f7ca7f
> prov/tcp: Fix returning srx xfer_entry to cq buffer pool
> 7cf7fc838 configury: Fix mm aware atomic test (2nd try)
> 6a2861a96 prov/rxm: Fix initialization of maximum atomic payload size
> 6339f401a prov/util: Free saved error data when closing EQ
> 0df41d829 fabtests/poll: Free pollset
> eed1d117a linux/osd: fix ethtool preprocessor directives (#4775)
> b9b43e4e1 /prov/tcp: move clearing of base_hdr flags to the xfer_entry
> release
> 3ca5e7256 prov/shm: address fixes
> b766213bc prov/shm: set mr_key_size
> 3085e80ea prov/rxm: check util_ep tx/rx msg flag for all *msg API
> functions
> bc696a3e5 test_configs/shm/all: add selective completion tests c33e6e65e
> ubertest: skip rx selective completion tests if not using a counter
> 95b71067a ubertest: default all test configs to MODE_ALL
> 07fadcdf9 configury: Fix mm aware atomic test
> bb27c4d80 prov/udp: Fix leak of address list
> 1fd266d39 prov/rxm: fix truncation error when using SAR protocol with
> eager_limit > 64KB b0ccdf0db prov/rxm: fix setting default buffered min
> limit
> 0e67410e8 osd/freebsd: Fix missing header include
> b61914891 prov/verbs: fix FI_RX_CQ_DATA not being set in info->mode on
> return from fi_getinfo 04f17c45d prov/tcp: fix memory leak 6d1688b8b
> prov/tcp: reset xfer_entry fields when freeing
> 103aa5732 prov/rxd: Added missed EP attributes
> fdf526b20 fabtests/cm_data: Fix memory leaks
> 1a072e2f6 fabtests/av_xfer: Fix memory leak in error handling 16affa99c
> fabtests/getinfo: Free test_info
> ee492d271 prov/tcp: Fix memory leak in tcpx_getinfo_ifs 0294e452e
> prov/tcp: Use fi_dupinfo to copy fi_info
> a02981a13 core/buf_pool: Zero newly allocated memory
> 23ab409b8 prov/verbs: Fix double free in XRC fi_accept error path
> 5f86a9362 Save CFLAGS when testing for valid flags from
> `debug_c_other_flags`. This fixes #4742 c19eadbfc prov/rxm: Fix segfault
> reading provider CQ error entries.
> 444604de8 prov/rxm: Fix setting of FI_MSG and FI_RMA caps for core hints

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