[ofiwg] NVMe over RDMA presentation

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Not exactly - it was about RPM, not about NVMe.  I've pushed his presentation up to the OFIWG repo which you can find either from the OFA website (Working groups --> OFIWG --> OFI Group Files --> remote persistent memory), or you can just use this handy link<https://downloads.openfabrics.org/WorkGroups/ofiwg/remote%20persistent%20memory/> to the same spot.

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As I recall, several meetings ago there was an Intel presentation about NVMe over RDMA.   I believe one of the key features was using the PCIe steering tags to direct the NVMe traffic to a separate Virtual Channel inside the system. Do I have this right? I thought the speaker was going to send out slides or a link, but I'm not finding it.


John Byrne

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