[ofiwg] memory leak in verbs vrb_create_ep?

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Apr 22 09:53:46 PDT 2020

> while trying out libfabric for a new application i stumbled across
> something that looks like a memory leak in vrb_create_ep. it seems that
> the rdma_addrinfo there isn't properly freed after successful
> rdma_resolve_addr, but it *is* freed in the error path. the
> attached patch fixes the memory leak for me, but i'm not sure about
> interactions with the rest of the system.

This looks like a valid fix to me.  Can you open a pull request on github with this fix, so we can get a commit message and signed-off-by line?

On a related note, the code that vrb_create_ep() is calling (vrb_get_rdma_rai) doesn't look right to me, or has another memory leak.  I will look into that and cleanup that code.

- Sean

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