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Jim Ryan jimdryan at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 09:51:18 PDT 2020

There seems to be some lingering confusion and I may well be a contributor,
if not primarily responsible. I was online at the time of the
biweekly meetings yesterday because I'm concerned about whether they can be
hosted when I'm not available. We have a new process for doing so, but to
my knowledge, it hasn't been used with this group.

I knew I couldn't be online the whole time and wanted to be there to help
if there were any problems. Unfortunately, I was notified 2 individuals had
logged into the old "Zoom" meetings.

The OFA has moved from Zoom to WebEx so all meetings happen that way, and
the right way to get access to the meetings is via the OFA public calendar.
I have no idea how these 2 individuals we're able to get into a Zoom
meeting, but I'm asking you to get rid of lingering Zoom meetings in your
calendar and rely on WebEx instead. Again, via the public calendar.

Plz advise if comments/questions and I am, again, very sorry for any
confusion I may have caused

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