[ofiwg] [EXTERNAL] OFIWG meetings: Zoom, WebEx and related

Aguilar, Michael J. mjaguil at sandia.gov
Thu Sep 10 09:59:28 PDT 2020

I have the meeting started.


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I recently sent out a note because I saw some people trying to use the now-defunct Zoom meeting logistics. In that note, I explained we'd moved from Zoom to WebEx and reminded you all to use the meeting logistics on the OFA public calendar.

Since then I have learned of the need to explain a bit more and that should do it. I got some 1:1 questions about why they got a msg along the lines of "the host has not joined the meeting". At least one important difference with WebEx is it does NOT allow attendees to join in advance of the host. So, the confusion is absolutely understandable.

Next, many of us live in the Portland OR area. If you're not one of us you likely won't know we've been having serious fires and evacuation, power outages, and so on. That was the reason there was no cancellation msg for the meeting

Again, this should do it, if not reach out to me

thanks and regards, Jim
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