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Wed Mar 16 08:08:00 PDT 2022

                          OFA Virtual Workshop 2022
                   Call for Sessions Extended to 3/22/2022

   Due to a high level of interest in presenting at the [1]OpenFabrics
   (OFA) Virtual Workshop 2022 , the OFA has extended the [2]Call for
   Sessions submission deadline by one week. Proposals are now due by
   March 22, 2022, at 5:00PM Pacific Time. The Technical Program Committee
   will respond to proposals by April 4, 2022.

   The OFA Virtual Workshop 2022- taking place April 26-28 from
   8:00AM-2:00PM Pacific Time each day - will focus on the following
   overarching themes that cover advanced network technology, innovative
   networking approaches, and the open community:
     * Broader Ecosystem, Community, and Standards
     * Hardware Accelerations and In-Network Compute
     * High-Performance Software
     * Network Protocols and Technology
     * State-of-Practice
     * Other Topics in High-Performance Networking and Computing

   For additional details and to submit a speaking proposal, visit
   the [3]Call for Sessions page.

   If you have questions at this time, please contact
   [4]press at openfabrics.org.

   The OFA Press Team
   [5]press at openfabrics.org
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