[Openib-windows] [IBAL] 128 bit key patch

Yossi Leybovich sleybo at mellanox.co.il
Sun Dec 3 03:57:38 PST 2006

I reproduce the problem with the IOC_REMOVE event and you are right , I
missed the ca_guid when I created the remove events
This patch fix the problem .
About the second problem:
I guess you mean that the installer does not find any matching device ID
in the INF.
The patch for the 128 bit key extension does not change the generic IOC
device ID (which is based on io_class/io_subclass/protocol...)
Can you check in the setupapi.log what is the Device ID that Windows
cant find?
Can you collects AL logs?
Can you check if this patch fix the first problem too?
Here in Mellanox we have only simple target that use one IOC and one
service entry, 
Is it possible that we get the target you use for our testing and
regression ? 
Index: kernel/al_ioc_pnp.c
--- kernel/al_ioc_pnp.c (revision 1840)
+++ kernel/al_ioc_pnp.c (working copy)
@@ -1701,6 +1701,7 @@
   /* Decrement the IOC PnP manager's query count. */
   if( !cl_atomic_dec( &gp_ioc_pnp->query_cnt ) )
    cl_async_proc_queue( gp_async_pnp_mgr, &gp_ioc_pnp->async_item );
@@ -3060,6 +3061,7 @@
  cl_memclr( &rec, sizeof(ib_pnp_iou_rec_t) );
  rec.pnp_rec.pnp_event = IB_PNP_IOU_REMOVE;
  rec.pnp_rec.guid = p_iou->guid;
+ rec.pnp_rec.ca_guid = p_iou->ca_guid;
  event.rec_size = sizeof(ib_pnp_iou_rec_t);
  event.p_rec = (ib_pnp_rec_t*)&rec;
@@ -3154,6 +3156,7 @@
  cl_memclr( &rec, sizeof(ib_pnp_ioc_rec_t) );
  rec.pnp_rec.pnp_event = IB_PNP_IOC_REMOVE;
  rec.pnp_rec.guid = p_ioc->profile.ioc_guid;
+ rec.pnp_rec.ca_guid = p_ioc->p_iou->ca_guid;
  event.rec_size = sizeof(ib_pnp_ioc_rec_t);
  event.p_rec = (ib_pnp_rec_t*)&rec;
@@ -3310,3 +3313,4 @@


	From: Alex Estrin [mailto:alex.estrin at qlogic.com] 
	Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 8:03 PM
	To: Yossi Leybovich
	Subject: RE: [Openib-windows] [IBAL] 128 bit key patch 


	From: Yossi Leybovich [mailto:sleybo at mellanox.co.il]
	Sent: Sat 12/2/2006 12:39 PM
	To: Alex Estrin
	Subject: RE: [Openib-windows] [IBAL] 128 bit key patch 


		From: Alex Estrin [mailto:alex.estrin at qlogic.com] 
		Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 4:11 PM
		To: Yossi Leybovich
		Subject: [Openib-windows] [IBAL] 128 bit key patch 
		Hi Yossi,
		It seem extended key patch does not work for me.
		Currently I see following symptoms on a system with one
HCA/one port in use,
		and  module I work with reports 3 IOC x 2 service
		Difficulty with installation of IOCs.
		Sometimes It could not find matching Device Id( somehow
mostly happend with a third IOC)
		untill I used clean HW profile.
		[Yossi Leybovich] Does the each IOC report different
		Yes, each IOC reports unique guid.
		 IOC_REMOVE  event does not  get through if I pull IB
		Manual disable/uninstall devices still works though.
		[Yossi Leybovich] what version of SVN do you use ?, I
place fix for that on version 552 ?
				1.4.0. Yes I meant patch you placed in
Nov. 28th  rev 550- 552 


		From: Yossi Leybovich [mailto:sleybo at mellanox.co.il]
		Sent: Wed 11/22/2006 1:49 AM
		To: Alex Estrin
		Subject: RE: [Openib-windows] [IBAL][Patch] reference
counter for IOC obj in IOC PnP manager


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