[ofa-general] RE: [ofw] saquery & osm vendor AL - ca_names missing from osm_vendor_t ?

Sean Hefty sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Feb 2 14:51:56 PST 2009

>>4) saquery.c is the only diags pgms (so far) which uses OpenSM MAD interfaces;
>>the rest use libibmad.

Looking briefly at the saquery code, I don't understand the benefit to using the
opensm vendor interfaces, versus using libibmad or even libibumad directly, and
switching to libibumad looks doable.  (It's not clear to me that there are
benefits to using libibmad over libibumad for saquery.)

- osm_bind_handle_t looks like it could map to a libibumad port_id (int).
- osmv_query_sa() could map to umad_send(), followed by umad_recv() to
  obtain the result.  (Replace osmv_query_sa with a new function.)
- There are a couple other calls that are used to loop through all returned
  attributes in a response MAD.  We could use the MAD attribute offset
  directly.  (Update loops where osmv_get_query_* is called.)

Are there technical reasons why the opensm vendor library was chosen for
saquery?  Would there be any objection to changing saquery to use libibumad

- Sean

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