[ofw] RE: [PATCHv2] WinVerbs: Make QP modification asynchronous

Sean Hefty sean.hefty at intel.com
Thu Feb 12 14:29:55 PST 2009

>Anyhow, here are the results, averages of 8 runs, on Windows Server 2008, x64,
>dual proc machines:
>Sync WvModifyQp
>Debug: 1798
>Release: 1801
>Async WvModifyQp
>Debug: 2625
>Release: 2634

Can you re-run the test, but give the application one thread per core?

I would also like to see the results of using the work item for an application
that waits for the Modify to complete.  (This is how libibverbs, DAPL, or an
IBAL compatibility layer would use the calls.  I don't think the ND provider
uses the call.)

I would assume that adding this functionally to Connect() and Accept() would
provide a result that's similar, but those are harder to test.

- Sean

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