[ofw] [PATCH 0/8] ib-mgmt: add support for WinOF

Sean Hefty sean.hefty at intel.com
Tue Feb 17 14:27:35 PST 2009

Enable IB management diagnostic tools to support both OFED and WinOF
releases.  Only 8 of the diags have been ported to both platforms.  These
changes allow the management.git tree to drop into the WinOF build

The following applies only to WinOF.  The WinOF environment adds the following:

src/ibdiag_windows.c - windows specific source file built as part
				of all diags (includes getopt.c)
include/windows/ - directory for windows version of include files
	config.h - included by all diags as an 'OS independent' file
			mainly #defines to map stuff like foo to _foo
	ibdiag_version.h - defines IBDIAG_VERSION
	inttypes.h - empty include file
	unistd.h - empty include file
	netinet/in.h - empty include file

cl_nodenammemap - was added to Windows user complib

I'll submit patches to changes to the WinOF tree that touch areas outside of
the tools/infiniband-diags directly separate to the ofw mail list.

Signed-off-by: Sean Hefty <sean.hefty at intel.com>

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