[ofw] RE: [PATCH 9/8] [ib-diag] ibping: add support for WinOF

Sean Hefty sean.hefty at intel.com
Wed Feb 18 14:05:26 PST 2009

>>Guess it is about report() function. Why to not make everything cdecl
>>(by using compiler/linker flag or some super-#pragma in config.h or so)?
>The WDK build environment uses stdcall by default.  Visual Studio uses cdecl.
>I have not yet figured out how to override the WDK using stdcall.  Simply
>adding a switch (/Gd or whatever it is) doesn't work, nor did the other 50
>things that I tried.

I have officially punted on this for now.  To fix the WinOF build, I created a
winof branch in my ib-mgmt.git tree that adds __cdecl to the report() function.
The winof tree needs to be updated using that branch.

As long there's a small number of trivial patches, this shouldn't be a huge
maintenance issue.  Although, I would still like to come up with a fix that
doesn't require this patch.

- Sean

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