[ofw] What are the rev relationships between WinOF downloads at OpenFabrics vs. Mellanox?

Smith, Stan stan.smith at intel.com
Fri Sep 25 09:55:55 PDT 2009

Chris Worley wrote:
> OpenFabrics http://www.openfabrics.org/downloads/WinOF/ has the
> following revisions:
> 1.*
> 2.0
> 2.0.2
> 2.1rc*

WinOF 2.1 (GA) General Availability will be released very soon!
If you are using WinOF, you want to use this version.

> Mellanox at
> http://mellanox.com/content/pages.php?pg=products_dyn&product_family=32&menu_section=34#tab-two
> has:
> 2.0
> 2.0.3
> 2.0.5
> 2.0.6, beta
> Is there any relationship between the WinOF downloads at these sites?

Mellanox ~mirrors the WinOF source tree internally and then adds their 'value components' plus MSFT WHQLs the drivers to produce a Mellanox 'Gold' release. Did I get that correct Leo?

Point being Mellanox releases, along with other IB vendors, are based on the WinOF sources.

Internal and external testing demonstrates WinOF 2.1 (RC5) SRP client on a single port connected to an OFED 1.4 SRP target works.


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