[ofw] Re: ib_types.h moving [was: Re: [ofa-general] [RFC] 3/5: IB ACM: libibacm]

Ira Weiny weiny2 at llnl.gov
Wed Sep 30 18:31:26 PDT 2009

On Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:09:08 +0300
Sasha Khapyorsky <sashak at voltaire.com> wrote:

> On 13:20 Thu 17 Sep     , Ira Weiny wrote:
> > 
> > Sasha, would you be willing to accept such a patch?  First move ib_types.h to umad and then move the long inline functions into the lib and separate out the remaining header.
> > 
> > Or would you prefer a new library?  I think there is enough code there but I leave it up to you.
> Basically cleaning ib_types.h issue (which was raised repeatedly in the
> past too) and making some order here with libibmad duplications would be
> a nice thing.
> However I still not understand clearly yet how things should be
> organized properly (assumig all histories, ibutils dependencies, etc.).
> And sure we can try to find an optimal model, so let's discuss:
> libibumad is an option. However today this library only provides a
> layer to user_mad kernel API and actually is transparent to MAD's
> structure. Maybe complicating this with adding ib_types.h and some MAD
> fields access helpers is not a big deal, but sort of disadvantage
> anyway.

I think I agree.  I have been looking over the headers and functionality of
the librarys and libibumad is really just an interface to the kernel.  It is
just a data passing library.  libibmad is the library which can marshal
packets (mad packets anyway).  Much of the functionality of ib_types.h is used
in (de|en)codeing packets (mad and others).  For example, there is
functionality for other things such as ib_gid_is_multicast which is used for
non-mad packets.  Where does this functionality go?  I think I agree with Sean
that this header should be broken up but I fear there might be a number of
items left homeless...  :-/

> To place this stuff in separate library/package is another possibility,
> but perspective of adding new package doesn't make me happy.

I think we need to look at libibverbs as well...

from ib_types.h

#define IB_PATH_RECORD_RATE_2_5_GBS		2
#define IB_MTU_LEN_256							1
#define IB_MTU_LEN_512							2
#define IB_LINK_DOWN      1
#define IB_LINK_INIT	  2

>From verbs.h

	IBV_RATE_2_5_GBPS = 2,
	IBV_RATE_5_GBPS   = 5,
	IBV_MTU_256  = 1,
	IBV_MTU_512  = 2,

Furthermore, we have 3 functions to decode node type (and their associated




I will admit mad_dump_node_type is somewhat special...  But still, why all
this reinvention?

> In theory ib_types.h would be also merged with libibmad. However for
> me the current libibmad seems to be too much heavy for not using it for
> stuff other than infiniband-diags.

I am not quite sure what you mean here.  Do you mean libibmad is already too
complicated ("too much heavy")?  And/Or that libibmad is not appropriate for
users other than infiniband-diags?

> Another options?
> Now I likely would agree with Ira that moving ib_types.h to libibumad
> is a least painful option. Do we have a better ideas?

So far I can only think of 2 "correct" options.

   1) Make ib_types.h into a new library and have libibverbs, libibmad,
      opensm, and MPI's use the constants and helper functions there.  This of
      course would force some dependencies.

   2) split up and spread ib_types.h around to appropriate places.  This will
      likely include libibmad and libibverbs (others?) I don't think libibumad
      is appropriate really.  At first, I suggested this mainly out of
      convenience because WinOF uses it.  However, I don't think it is
      architecturally correct.  libibumad looks to have a sound interface and
      should not be messed with.


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