[Users] soft-roce configuration?

Tue May 21 14:35:46 PDT 2019

Does anyone know of a mailing list specific for soft-roce / rxe?
I've been trying to get the VMs as described in the OFA workshop "Building a Virtual Cluster" tutorial from 2019 up and running.
I'm not sure if I have it correct yet. There were a few differences due to newer versions of the virtualbox, but I am fairly sure I followed the tutorial closely.
The results of the ibv_devices, ibv_devinfo, and the rxe_cfg, lsmod for the rxe and ib_uverbs all look ok.
I'm getting the qperf to run with the -cm1 option.
I can get rping to run with slightly different command lines than on the rxe_dev wiki (ref. https://github.com/SoftRoCE/rxe-dev/wiki/Validate-that-RXE-is-working), but it at least works.
But I cannot seem to get the ibv_rc_pingpong to run.
There doesn't appear to have been much done on the github site for a long time.
I'm a bit stuck. I don't have any live hardware yet. I was hoping to at least get a hello world rdma transfer going using libibverbs before then, but now I don't know if I can even trust this setup. I'll have to go down that path a ways blindly.
I'm using the distro versions for everything. I'm not compiling soft-roce myself (or the kernel).

The VMs are centos 7.6 boxes.

On the server
ibv_rc_pingpong -g 1 -d rxe0 -I 1
local address: LID 0x0000, QPM 0x000011, PSN 0xcce8ae, GIC ::ffff:
Failed to modify QP to RTR
Couldn't connect to report QP

On the client:
ibv_uc_pingpong -d rxe0 -g 1 compute_node-1-roce
local address: LID 0x0000, QPM 0x000011, PSM 0xcaa6e0, GID fe80::538b:f720:3a3b:b0a7
client read/write: Success
Couldn't read/write remote address

Anyone have any helpful suggestions?


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