[openfabrics-ewg] DHCP modifications for usage with IPoIB

Moni Levy monil at voltaire.com
Mon Apr 24 06:39:50 PDT 2006


    we've made some work on making the ISC-DHCP package work with IPoIB,
basically we took an old patch based on ver 3.0.2 of the package
<http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.openib/9191> and updated
it to the latest version. Attached is a tar file containing the

1. The dhcp-3.0.4b2 is the DHCP client/server program patched to support
IP over IB (IPoIB) protocol.

2. The dhcp-3.0.4b2.orig is the original version without IPoIB support.

3. dhcp-3.0.4b2_ipoib.diff - is the patch file including differences
between the dhcp-3.0.4b2.orig and dhcp-3.0.4b2 versions.

4. dhcp-3.0.2_ipoib.diff - is the original Hal's patch.

The program was tested with linux kernel version 2.6.15 and most
probably requires 2.6.14 or later.

During the port of the patch we had to fix few minor conflicts. We also
had to disable the LPF support in order to be able to compile the new
version. We sure have to polish the patch more in order to have the LPF
support back but I want to understand if anyone is interested in that
effort and if there are any intentions to include DHCP support for IPoIB
in the distros and/or  the next OFED version, more than that I would be
happy to see Doug and Moiz more involved in the OFED related

Best regards,



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