[openfabrics-ewg] Register now for OpenFabrics Developer Summit at SC06, Tampa Nov 16, 17

Bill Boas bboas at systemfabricworks.com
Wed Nov 8 11:44:03 PST 2006

This is an email  to make sure you know about this meeting at SC06 - and if
you wish to attend you MUST register - space is limited, we're filling up
fast and as we are catering food and beverages we need reasonable count of
people by Wednesday this week.


It starts at 1.30 Thursday and runs till 3.30 Friday Nov 16,17.


The purpose of the meeting is to plan the near term improvements of the
OpenFabrics Enterprise software (OFED 1.x) now avalaible from Novell and
RedHat, and also select the features and fabrics to be supported in the next
distribution which will be OFED 2.0.


So you can see who is attending here's who is registered so far.



Jeff Broughton 

jeff.broughton at qlogic.com 

Chet Mehta 

chetm at us.ibm.com 

John Hagerman 

jhagerman at neteffect.com 

Thad Omura 

thad at mellanox.com 

James Lentini 

jlentini at netapp.com 

Head Bubba 

Head.Bubba at credit.suisse.com 

Raj Channa 

raj.channa at credit-suisse.com 

Dhabaleswar Panda 

panda at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Sayantan Sur 

surs at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Matthew Koop 

koop at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Sean Hefty 

sean.hefty at intel.com 

Lei Chai 

chail at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Sundeep Narravula 

narravul at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Sujal Das 

sujal at mellanox.com 

William Boas 

bboas at systemfabricworks.com 

Matthew Koop 

koop at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Sayantan Sur 

surs at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Asaf Somekh 

asafs at voltaire.com 

Nimrod Gindi 

nimrodg at mellanox.co.il 

Aviram Gutman 

aviram at mellanox.co.il 

Sonia Pignorel 

soniapi at microsoft.com 

Makia Minich 

minich at ornl.gov 

James Lentini 

jlentini at netapp.com 

Amit Krig 

amitk at mellanox.co.il 

Johann George 

johann.george at qlogic.com 

Dhabaleswar Panda 

panda at cse.ohio-state.edu 

Hal Rosenstock 

hnrose at earthlink.net 

Eitan Zahavi 

eitan at mellanox.co.il 

Patrick Mullaney 

pmullaney at novell.com 

Matt Leininger 

mlleini at sandia.gov 

David Fellinger 

dfellinger at datadirectnet.com 

Tziporet Koren 

tziporet at mellanox.co.il 

Jim Ryan 

jim.ryan at intel.com 

Robert Pearson 

rpearson at systemfabricworks.com 

Jeff Squyres 

jsquyres at cisco.com 



Bill Boas

VP, Business Development | System Fabric Works

bboas at systemfabricworks.com | 510-375-8840


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