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Asaf Somekh asafs at voltaire.com
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As I stated earlier today, not having MS lead the panel or attend at all has nothing to do with having a session on the OFA windows project.  Voltaire and Mellanox have been working on this project and invested more resources than SS.  Voltaire is shipping products based on this project and our OEMs resell it.  As part of the OFA community Voltaire decided to discontinue its proprietary stack when this project started. We should treat it as a viable project. 

If needed Voltaire will glad to lead this discussion next week it would be even more appropriate to do it jointly with MLNX. 


Asaf Somekh
Voltaire - The Grid Backbone

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Bill, thanks for raising the question. I'm a little confused by what's
happening from the earlier initiative shown by SilverStorm in developing
and then "controlling" the Windows stack, through some of their
initiatives around version control and so on. It's not clear that's
continuing on, or that it's been handed off to someone

I'm afraid working with MSFT will be frustrating. They don't seem to
want to work with us on WHQL certification, and as you know they have
their plan for iWARP support, so we'll never have something in the
Windows arena that will works as seamlessly as what we envision for

My recommendation is to continue the work we've started recently with
SDP and make it clear we'd like to engage more broadly, because we do.
An IBA solution that leaves out Windows isn't nearly as appealing as one
that includes it

I'm certainly open to other ideas

Thanks, jim

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Subject: Microsoft chooses not to be on Agenda at Dev. Summit

Microsoft has withdrawn their "talk" on the basis it's a primarily Linux
agenda and attendees will not be that interested. They are saying they
have an observer present. 

OF Windows seems to be somewhat in a hiatus? As an Alliance we should
out what we want to do about it? 

One approach might be to form a small group to work out an approach to
Microsoft to try to form a tighter collaboration between the Alliance,
se, and Microsoft as an alternative to each of the IB h/w vendors
separately with them, as it appears is now the way it is going??

Microsoft has repeated their strong interest in working with the
but there so far the evidence of that work is where???? 

Thoughts, please!

Bill Boas
VP, Business Development | System Fabric Works
bboas at systemfabricworks.com | 510-375-8840

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Inserted Or and Yaron instead of Voltaire TBDs.

As for the Windows session - I believe we should have it even if
Microsoft doesn't show up. There are issues that we need to discuss


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On Nov 7, 2006, at 11:45 AM, Bill Boas wrote:

> Because I requested it for the many people interested in the agenda  
> that do not wish to find or use the Developers wiki.

I've addressed these points in prior e-mails, so clearly the  
information is not being received somehow.  None of us have any more  
time before SC to continue this debate.  I'll happy continue to  
discuss this over food and beverage while at SC.

So -- see you all at SC!  :-)

Jeff Squyres
Server Virtualization Business Unit
Cisco Systems

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