[openfabrics-ewg] [openib-general] OFED 1.2 - request addition of VNIC as a feature

Woodruff, Robert J robert.j.woodruff at intel.com
Tue Nov 21 13:42:09 PST 2006

Roland wrote,
>Sorry, this doesn't make any sense.  OFED shouldn't be picking
>technology winners.  I don't see any fundamental issue that would
>prevent merging the vex driver to the upstream kernel -- the only
>problems are code quality and an apparent desire to make code review
>as difficult as possible.  And surely OFED will ship IB drivers that
>make it upstream?

I agree with Roland. Trying to prevent someone from developing and
submitting code for their hardware does not seem to be in the spirit
of "open" source or the "Open"Fabrics alliance. 

my 2 cents.


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