[openfabrics-ewg] bug 355 - problems building modules that depend on the ofed 1.2 modules

Steve Wise swise at opengridcomputing.com
Thu Feb 15 09:12:06 PST 2007


I've run into the following problem.  Bug 335 opened to track this...

I install the alpha1 ofed 1.2 rpms on a RHEL5b2 system with its
2.6.18-1.2747.el5 kernel.

Then I build a module outside of the kernel that uses the IB verbs and
RDMA CM kernel interface.  (krping).  This module builds and loads ok on
a stock 2.6.20 system with ofed1.2 installed, but it fails to load on
the rhel5b2 system with a version symbol problem.  Here is a snipit of
the errors:

rdma_krping: disagrees about version of symbol ib_create_cq
rdma_krping: Unknown symbol ib_create_cq
rdma_krping: disagrees about version of symbol rdma_resolve_addr
rdma_krping: Unknown symbol rdma_resolve_addr
rdma_krping: disagrees about version of symbol ib_dereg_mr
rdma_krping: Unknown symbol ib_dereg_mr

I'm wondering if maybe the ofed modules are _not_ being build with src
versioning even if the kernel has it turned on?

We see similar problems with NFS-RDMA trying to use OFED 1.2 modules.
And the NFS-RDMA works with OFED 1.1 modules, so I _think_ something is
whacked with the OFED 1.2 build process.

Here is the Makefile I'm using to build rdma_krping (borrowed from
Intel's e1000 kit):

[root at vic12 krping]# cat Makefile
KSRC=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/source
KOBJ=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build
CFLAGS += -I/usr/local/ofed/src/ofa_kernel-1.2/include -I$(KSRC)/include -I.
CFLAGS += $(shell [ -f $(KSRC)/include/linux/modversions.h ] && \
                  -include $(KSRC)/include/linux/modversions.h")


obj-m += rdma_krping.o
rdma_krping-y                   := getopt.o krping.o

        make -C $(KSRC) O=$(KOBJ) SUBDIRS=$(shell pwd) modules

        rm -f *.o
        rm -f *.ko
        rm -f rdma_krping.mod.c
        rm -f Module.symvers
[root at vic12 krping]#

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