[ewg] RDS problematic on RC2

Olaf Kirch olaf.kirch at oracle.com
Thu Jan 17 03:28:57 PST 2008

On Thursday 17 January 2008 11:57, Johann George wrote:
> > That's a remote invalid request error. Were you testing
> > with RDMA or without?
> We were using the version that runs over IB.

Well, yes. But you can do that with ordinary SENDs, or you
can enable RDMA for large data blobs as well. But looking at
the qperf source, it doesn't do that.

> To run it, on one machine (the server), run it with no
> arguments.  On the other machine, run:
>     qperf server_nodename rds_bw

Okay, will give it a try.

> If the TCP part is entirely non-working, it might be better
> to disable it for now rather than have it crash the machine.
> So far, I have never gotten it to function correctly and it
> crashes some machines almost immediately.

Let's put it that way - nobody looked at the code for a while.
I kind of put it at the bottom of my todo list, around position 18
or so :-/

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