[ewg] Re: [ofa-general] OFED Jan 28 meeting summary on RC3 readiness

Kossey, Robert bob.kossey at hp.com
Thu Jan 31 07:59:54 PST 2008

Yes this is better, I have no particular objections to these changes and 
appreciate your efforts to hold the line on the OFED 1.3 schedule.


Tziporet Koren wrote:
> >
> The main reason is not the bugs but the features supported by IBM - CM
> support for non SRQ and 4K MTU
> I see that these are important for IBM (see other mails)
> Another thing we can do in order not to delay the release is insert the
> changes tomorrow (immediately after RC3 is out) and do RC4 next week
> (instead of 2 weeks between every RC), and RC5 the week after.
> In this way we will have enough time for testing and if we find some bug
> we can fix then in RC5
> Is this better?
> Tziporet

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