[ewg] cannot install SCST with SRP support

Doron Shoham dorons at Voltaire.COM
Mon Mar 3 01:38:34 PST 2008


I'm trying to install SCST with SRP support.

I have followed the instructions on the SRPT_README.txt file:

So far I have done the following steps:

	a. git clone git://git.openfabrics.org/~vu/srpt_inc ~/srpt_inc
	b. Checking out scst's svn development tree revision 245
	svn co https://scst.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/scst/trunk/scst -r 245
	c. cd scst
	d. patch -p0 < ~/srpt_inc/scst_r245.patch
	e. make and make install

On the SCST's Readme file it says:
To compile SCST type 'make scst'. It will build SCST itself and its
device handlers. To install them type 'make scst_install'.

Why it is different then the instructions of the SRPT_README?

2. I have also installed OFED1.3 with srpt.

but I cannot load the following modules:

modprobe scsi_tgt
FATAL: Module scsi_tgt not found.

modprobe scst_disk
FATAL: Error inserting scst_disk (/lib/modules/ No such device

I'm using a x86_64 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 ( machine


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