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Vladimir Sokolovsky vladsk at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 01:12:14 PST 2009

Doug Ledford wrote:
> So I downloaded the OFED-1.4.tar.gz file, unpacked it, went into
> OFED-1.4/SRPMS and ran rpm2cpio on ofa_kernel-ofed-1.4.src.rpm, then ran
> cpio on the output, then unpacked the ofa_kernel-1.4.tar.gz file.  I
> then went into the ofa-kernel-1.4 directory and attempted to run
> configure.  So far, there are at least three patches in the fixes
> directory that won't apply either with or without quilt.  The
> ipath_01_*.patch, ipath_02_*.patch, and mlx4_0390_Different*.patch files
> all refuse to apply.  I haven't seen if there are others that fail to
> apply, there may be.  I stopped after hitting the third one.  Does the
> ofa_kernel tarball properly patch up for other people?
Hi Doug,
I did the same without any issues:

1. Download

2. Use cpio
rpm2cpio ofa_kernel-1.4-ofed1.4.src.rpm > ofa_kernel-1.4-ofed1.4.cpio
cpio -i < ofa_kernel-1.4-ofed1.4.cpio

3. Run configure (I tried with and without quilt installed, kernel 
tar xzf ofa_kernel-1.4.tgz
cd ofa_kernel-1.4/

Attached is the series file generated by quilt.


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