[ewg] 2.6.32 patch has carriage returns in it that are causing rejects

Jeff Becker Jeffrey.C.Becker at nasa.gov
Mon Jun 14 12:55:49 PDT 2010

On 06/14/10 11:16, Jeff Becker wrote:
> I cloned ofed_1_5/linux-2.6.git and tried to do:
> ./ofed_scripts/ofed_patch.sh --with-backport=2.6.32
> It rejected
> kernel_patches/backport/2.6.32/mlx4_semaphore_include.patch because
> the latter ends lines with carriage return and newline. I checked
> other patches and they only have newline. Should I submit a patch to
> the patch? Thanks.

I find the ^M's in:


as well. Is there a special option I need to give to ofed_checkout.sh?


> -jeff

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