[ewg] Updates to OFA Web site

Cheri Winterberg cheriw at owenmedia.com
Wed Jun 23 18:52:17 PDT 2010

EWG - the OFA is in the early stages of updating several elements of the OFA Web site. We'll be looking at the look & feel, organization and content of the site. We're also considering adding a members-only area with password-protected pages.

We'd like input from the technical working groups on the following:

·        What are the features of the current OFA Web site that you are using and would like to see remain relatively unchanged?

·        What are we missing on the current OFA Web site that you would like to see added?

I'm with the marketing agency working on the site. If you have any input or feedback on potential changes, please e-mail me directly.


Cheri Winterberg │ Owen Media, Inc. │ 978.660.6405 │ cheriw at owenmedia.com

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