[ewg] broken support for UC in rdma_cm

Sean Hefty sean.hefty at intel.com
Mon Mar 15 08:38:00 PDT 2010

>I just noticed that Vlad already opened a bugzilla bug (1874) on this.
>I quote Sean's response:
>RDMA CM supports UD and RC QPs (port spaces UDP/TCP) only.  Support
>for UC QPs should come from another port space.
>This makes sense to me. Still we need to address the issues I raised
>below. Sean, are you going to fix this?

This is really a new feature request, which I may not have time to address.  It
depends on the scope of the changes that are needed.

If both sides try using UC QPs, do you know what specific setting causes the
connection to fail?
- Sean

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