[ewg] [ANNOUNCE] libnes-1.1.0 release

Tung, Chien Tin chien.tin.tung at intel.com
Thu Sep 2 14:51:00 PDT 2010

New version of libnes v1.1.0 is available at:


sha1sum 5af05ede3fe11d30c49671ebc5263efbb1881cbe

Changes since last release:

- Add support for iWarp Multicast Acceleration (IMA).
- Rearm  CQ event notification only after a poll.
- Add option to control doorbell read in nes_upoll_cq.
- Fix total payload calculation in nes_upost_recv.
- Fix Firmware version in query device.

libnes provides a device-specific userspace library for NetEffect
Ethernet Server Cluster Adapter for use with the libibverbs library.


Chien Tung | chien.tin.tung at intel.com

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