[ewg] RDS lacks backports in OFED-3.5

Elken, Tom tom.elken at intel.com
Thu Jan 31 13:01:28 PST 2013


Intel IB's  System Test group in testing RC6 found on RHEL 6.3 that RDS was not part of the default build of OFED-3.5.
When they enabled the RDS install option, they found that the RDS part of compat-rdma would not build.

The lack of a default install of RDS in OFED-3.5 is probably known by at least a few of us.
Some research by Mike Marciniszyn found an install.pl change posted by Vlad in August, 2012, before RC2:

" commit b9110581830147add056b00d215bb677cd1f7d57
Author: Vladimir Sokolovsky <vlad at mellanox.com>
Date:   Sun Aug 5 22:57:50 2012 +0300

    install.pl: Disable RDS and SRPT
    There are no backports for RDS and SRPT yet."

Also Woody said in an internal e-mail: " I recall a discussion in the EWG that since Oracle did not provide any backports, that RDS would only work on the 3.5 kernel,  unless someone else wanted to do the backports. No one did, so that is the status."
Are you aware of this issue, and can you confirm for us that RDS will not be tested at Interop  until this lack of RDS backports is addressed?
Note that, to our knowledge, RDS is broken for all HCAs/RDMA devices on at least some of the OFED-3.5 supported kernels and distros.

If this is the case, Intel does not propose another RC, and we do not propose that the GA be delayed (again) because of this issue.  I'm sorry that no one informed us of the general RDS state of affairs in OFED-3.5 when we asked for a delay to fix an RDS issue earlier this month.  We do propose that the release notes should have an addition about this issue, if it is not already addressed there.  Mike posted  OFED Bug 2412 on this issue, and attached patches to fix it, but I think the fix should go into OFED-next.  But interested to hear if others have different opinions.


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