[ewg] libiwpm change breaks OFED build

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Thu Jun 30 11:33:53 PDT 2016

Thanks - I didn't realize that this was the package for the daemon.  Yes, a name change does actually make sense.  :)

> The name change was requested by a major distro, because the package
> was named libiwpm although it isn't a library.
> We decided to change the name of the package to iwpmd since the port
> mapper is a daemon process.
> Also it is worth noting that it is only a package name change. The name
> of the executable stays the same - it is iwpmd.
> Thank you,
> Tatyana
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> Subject: RE: libiwpm change breaks OFED build
> > I am sorry for the trouble. I am going to change latest.txt to
> > libiwpm- 1.0.5.tar.gz. The new iwpmd-1.0.6.tar.gz package is intended
> > for the next OFED-4-x release.
> Independent from OFED, changing the package name will be confusing for
> users.

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