[ewg] OFED 4.8-1 RC3 prep work

Davis, Arlin R arlin.r.davis at intel.com
Thu Nov 9 08:43:16 PST 2017

All critical issues are complete, including a new libfabric 1.5.2. This was exceptional work from many different teams. A big thanks to everyone getting this done so quickly! We will continue to work lower priority issues for #3 going forward as needed. 

Unless there are objections, the latest daily build will be rolled into RC3 later today.

Vlad, please give my team a few hours to pull down this latest drop and do a quick build/install test before moving to RC3.  We will contact you when testing is complete. 

Thanks again,


> Here are the 3 things we are working on, need status back:
> 1. "Cavium should immediately fork rdma-core v15 base with patch, Vlad will
> target this for RC3"
> 	Did the Cavium fork+patch happen and did Vlad re-target OFED rdma-
> core to this branch?
> 2. Critical/Blocking bugs need fixed (2 blocking bugs in RC2):
> 	#2650 cri:    libqedr/rdma-core 15: failure in scenarios with inline data
> (waiting on #1 item above)
> 	#2655 maj:  bnxt_re:  nfs client hangs, nfs-rdma IO 16 mount points
> (patches coming soon?).
> 3.   Please make sure “all” new Cavium/Broadcom issues/sightings get Bugzilla
> bugs assigned even if minor.
> 	- No new bugs submitted at this time.
> Note: there may also be a libfabric v1.5.2 library update for RC3.
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