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Hi Doug,

I have some questions about the public ssh key. Is it required or a username/password authentication method is enough? I am going to be using OpenVPN and a Putty shell on a Windows laptop to access the cluster. Should I store my ssh keys in a special location in my computer for the OpenVPN to verify them?

Thank you,

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> I updated the form.  I fixed some language in instruction point #1 pointed out
> by Paul.  I removed some points in the instructions that weren't really
> needed and didn't add to the quality of the document.  I also added a legal
> disclaimer and notice of the acceptable use policy to the header of the
> document.  I'll make a PDF out of it when we agree it's done as making the
> pdf forms is a pain.
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> > I created a Word document (which can be exported as a text document
> > too if
> > needed) and also a PDF with form fills that can be filled out and then
> > emailed in.  I think this covers things.  It also has instructions for
> > getting the account setup.  Let me know if people have comments.
> > Eventually, when the forms are finalized, they'll be added to the
> > fsdp_docs repo for convenient access later.
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