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The public ssh key is optional, but highly recommended.  If it's provided, it will be added to your account in the IPA server and your key will then be accepted on the build machine and other places.  But, you can do username/password only as well.

If your Windows laptop is Windows 10, then you don't need putty (and in fact, I think putty doesn't work as well as the built in OpenSSH).

My recommended setup for people with Windows 10 desktops/laptops is:

Viscosity for OpenVPN
Turn on OpenSSH client by going to Apps & Features, then clicking Optional Features, then enabling OpenSSH Client.  This will enable the regular ssh command from a generic windows command terminal
Install Git for Windows (gitforwindows.org) - This gives you both local git commands and a bash shell

With this setup, you should be able to fire up Viscosity to bring up the VPN, then open a Git bash window, then simply ssh to the build server, skipping Putty entirely.

Optionally, you can also go to Settings -> Apps and Features, click on Programs and Features on the right side, then in the window that pops up click on Turn Windows features on or off on the left hand side, then in that window make sure that Windows Subsystem for Linux is enabled (and you will need either Virtual Machine Platform or Windows Hypervisor Platform too, but I can't remember which).  Then you can go to the Windows Store and purchase/download one of the Linux subsystem images.  Then you would be able to open a git bash shell, enter the command wsl, and then next thing you know you are running in an actual linux machine on your Windows box.  They use a very lightweight linux kernel for this, so it performs well without taxing the Windows machine much more than just native Windows apps would.

(I should probably save off these instructions to a file in the fsdp_docs repo...)

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> Hi Doug,
> I have some questions about the public ssh key. Is it required or a
> username/password authentication method is enough? I am going to be using
> OpenVPN and a Putty shell on a Windows laptop to access the cluster. Should
> I store my ssh keys in a special location in my computer for the OpenVPN to
> verify them?
> Thank you,
> Tatyana
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> > I updated the form.  I fixed some language in instruction point #1 pointed
> > out
> > by Paul.  I removed some points in the instructions that weren't really
> > needed and didn't add to the quality of the document.  I also added a legal
> > disclaimer and notice of the acceptable use policy to the header of the
> > document.  I'll make a PDF out of it when we agree it's done as making the
> > pdf forms is a pain.
> > 
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > > I created a Word document (which can be exported as a text document
> > > too if
> > > needed) and also a PDF with form fills that can be filled out and then
> > > emailed in.  I think this covers things.  It also has instructions for
> > > getting the account setup.  Let me know if people have comments.
> > > Eventually, when the forms are finalized, they'll be added to the
> > > fsdp_docs repo for convenient access later.
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