[libfabric-users] 1-n connected endpoints

Maurizio Drocco drocco at di.unito.it
Wed Jun 1 02:06:00 PDT 2016

Hi All,

I am submitting another question raised from integrating libfabric into 

I need to setup a 1-N communication, in which a single "master" process 
talks to N "slave" processes in a connection-oriented fashion (the 
a3cube provider only supports connection-oriented for message passing).

I found a working solution, but I am not sure it is the best one: the 
master process has N endpoints (created as accepted connections) and 
only a pair (TX/RX) of completion queues. Master posts requests to the 
RX queue and includes as context the index of the respective endpoint, 
so when it "consumes" a RX event it knows the source slave and it can 
re-posts another RX request from the same endpoint.
I guess this works since completion queues are not FIFO, right?

Do you have any comment to improve my solution?

Thank you.

Maurizio Drocco
PhD Student
University of Torino, department of Computer Science
Via Pessinetto 12, 10149 Torino - Italy

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