[libfabric-users] Failure of fi_getinfo with verbs backend

Ilango, Arun arun.ilango at intel.com
Thu Jun 23 10:40:18 PDT 2016

Can you run with the environment variable FI_LOG_LEVEL set to "debug" and share the output? That may offer some clues as to why this fails.


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> Here is the relevant code snippet:
> > hints = fi_allocinfo();
> > hints->ep_attr->type  = FI_EP_MSG;
> > hints->caps = FI_MSG;
> > hints->mode   = FI_LOCAL_MR;
> >
> > if(ret = fi_getinfo(FI_VERSION(1, 1), "", "12345", 0, 
> > hints,
> &fi))
> > {
> >   ERROR("fi_getinfo failed: %d '%s'", ret, fi_strerror(-ret)); }
> Which fails with
> > error: fi_getinfo failed: -61 'No data available'

Hmmm... odd.  Is the sockets provider installed as well?  I'm surprised that doesn't return anything either.

> The output of fi_info suggests the verbs provider has the capabilities 
> I request. Oddly enough, it works on the server side, where the only 
> difference is an added FI_SOURCE flag to the fi_getinfo call.

Is the server side running on a different system, or are you just running as a server on the same system?
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