[libfabric-users] IB: Resource temporarily unavailable

Ilango, Arun arun.ilango at intel.com
Wed Mar 9 13:56:01 PST 2016

Verbs RDM support is still experimental. rdm pinpong test returns -FI_ENODATA because verbs-RDM doesn't support FI_MSG capability. Also, other RDM tests are not guaranteed to run on verbs for now. Complete support for RDM in verbs is a work in progress.

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Subject: Re: [libfabric-users] IB: Resource temporarily unavailable

Hi Arun,

Thank you. I confirm that it works now!

Another issue however appears while using the RDM ping pong with IB.
Even though it works with sockets, I get a -FI_ENODATA when I try to run it with verbs. An idea why?



On 03/08/2016 12:02 PM, Ilango, Arun wrote:
> Hi François,
> Just an update: The issue is fixed in the verbs provider and the msg_pingpong test should run fine on latest libfabric. Please give it a try.
> Thanks,
> Arun.
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> It looks like the fabtests does not handle the -FI_EAGAIN error. Currently it just reports error and exits.
> - Jithin
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>> Thanks - since Arun mentioned that he can reproduce this, we can probably debug it from there.  The ucmatose errors that you hit are just a mismatch in the data transfer parameters.  Otherwise, I think the lower layer is working okay.
>> - Sean
>>> Here are some outputs :
>>> - ibv_devinfo :
>>> http://pastebin.aquilenet.fr/?336dc870bee715b1#LV8ZCP9Pw2YaaCDK1KuiQ
>>> wYweSd
>>> Od2+dNZnHSnQjOOU=
>>> - ibv_rc_pingpong :
>>> http://pastebin.aquilenet.fr/?d04a2e1f67aac37d#46UqQuDBY+/iz8TxZmEfh
>>> k3rPKN
>>> uXCSljlnHl8VDCiI=
>>> - ucmatose :
>>> http://pastebin.aquilenet.fr/?0ce1dc156dd92bd7#eOMTUz3ueKUhSe0/5rPz/
>>> yrTdFm
>>> BiafBwvWVA16fWXg=
>>> Not sure if I ran these applications well...
>>> Regards,
>>> François
>>> On 16/02/2016 12:24, Hefty, Sean wrote:
>>>> If you can, please test the verbs installation by running 
>>>> ibv_devinfo,
>>> ibv_rc_pingpong, and ucmatose.
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