[libfabric-users] connection-less send/recv with verbs

Maurizio Drocco drocco at di.unito.it
Wed Jul 12 15:51:16 PDT 2017


I am facing an issue with the “verbs” provider, whereas the same code works at least with the “sockets” provider.

The scenario:
The code is an all-to-all network of processes, with connection-less send/recv communication.
All addresses and services are known statically at start time.
Each process has an endpoint, to which it posts both send and recv requests (via fi_send/fi_recv); the endpoint is created from a fabric that is created by passing its address, its service and FI_SOURCE flag to fi_getinfo.
Then each process fills an AV table with address/service of all the other nodes.

The problem:
With verbs, the code crashes on the first call to fi_recv, with the following call stack:
fi_recv - fi_ibv_rdm_recv - fi_ibv_rdm_recvmsg - fi_ibv_rdm_init_recv_request

Do you have any idea about what is going on? If it helps, I can recompile libfabric with some options for debugging.

Thank you for any help or suggestion,

Maurizio Drocco
PhD Candidate
University of Torino, department of Computer Science
Via Pessinetto 12, 10149 Torino - Italy

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