[libfabric-users] [ofiwg] OpenFabrics related C++ Networking Technical Specification BoF

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Tue Jul 25 02:49:02 PDT 2017

Those of us from the HPX team who are using Libfabric would be happy to participate progress towards c++ standardization of the library/etc


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Adding libfabric-users and ofiwg-mpi mailing lists.

- Sean

> OFA/OFIWG asked for a copy of my BoF proposal to be distributed to the 
> community for review. The link below is to a google document capturing 
> the current state of the BoF proposal.
> Please add comments to the document before 26 July (Wednesday). If you 
> have issues accessing the document, please email me.
> https://goo.gl/41hQ27
> For those of you taking the time to review the submission, thanks in 
> advance.
> V/r,
> Chris

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