[libfabric-users] fi_read completion event (Biddiscombe, John A.)

Hefty, Sean sean.hefty at intel.com
Fri Mar 10 11:29:40 PST 2017

> Do I need to set  (waiting to test this)
>            fabric_hints_->tx_attr->op_flags = FI_COMPLETION;
>            fabric_hints_->rx_attr->op_flags = FI_COMPLETION;
> can’t test it yet due to ssh dropouts

You only need this if the EP has been configured with FI_SELECTIVE_COMPLETION.  So, in general, no, you shouldn't need this.

> I tried adding READ/WRITE to these flags, but that causes an error
> abiout unsupported mode or type or something.
>                 ret = fi_ep_bind(*new_endpoint, &txcq->fid,

You only want FI_TRANSMIT.

- Sean

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