[libfabric-users] Thread question about gni provider

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Sun Mar 12 16:16:33 PDT 2017

Last question : I hope ☺

I have my parcelport running correctly using the gni provider and all the simple message sends and rdma reads are working as expected – however – with more complex examples, there are lockups.

Is the GNI provider taking locks using pthread mutexes? I see them mentioned in the wait objects code, but I am not using any wait_sets directly and I wonder if they are present elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the HPX runtime, uses lightweight threads - and OS level mutexes screw things up in a bad way, so I need to remove them. (The verbs API is entirely thread safe, so my code ran very nicely without any problems – I had hoped the fabric port would do the same – I gave up on trying to use ucx for similar reasons, as it isn’t thread safe at the transport level).

Question : if GNI is using pthread mutexes and I replace the locks in libfabric GNI with HPX spinlocks and compile libfabric into the hpx project rather than building it outside – so that it becomes part of the runtime – will the GNI layer work, or are there requirements that GNI api calls _must_ be made on certain threads? I seem to recall that GNI has some limitations in terms of threading and am worried that whatever I do, I’m going to have problems with the locking or threading issues.

Thanks once more for any guidance


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