[libfabric-users] intel mpi with libfabric

Mohammed Shaheen m_shaheen1984 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 07:34:17 PST 2018



I get the following error running a small mpi test programusing intel mpi 2019 from intel parallel studio cluster edition update 1 (thenewest) on Mellanox FDR Cluster:


test.e: prov/verbs/src/ep_rdm/verbs_rdm_cm.c:337:fi_ibv_rdm_process_addr_resolved: Assertion `id->verbs ==ep->domain->verbs' failed.


The program hangs on this error message. I installed thenewest release of libfabric and configured it with only ibverbs support. I usedthe inbox (sles 11 sp4 and sles 12 sp3) ibverbs and rdma libraries. I alsotried with mellanox ofed to no avail. 


Any ideas how to go about it?




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