[libfabric-users] RDM send fails

Jörn Schumacher jorn.schumacher at cern.ch
Thu Nov 29 23:40:21 PST 2018

On 11/29/2018 06:29 PM, Sur, Sayantan wrote:
> Wanted to add that in general an RDM send can EAGAIN (not fail), for any provider dependent reason. So ... in general the apps would have to guard against a send call returning EAGAIN.

Thanks Sayantan. Sure we have to guard against EAGAIN, the question is 
how. Ideally I would like to avoid polling on the send call (or any 
other call for matter).

To give you background, in my application I run a central epoll-driven 
event loop for CQ events, CM events, ... but also IO events from other 
non-network devices. So it would be natural to also throw the RDM 
endpoint in there and have the event loop tell me when I can send.

For now I have the event loop generate a periodic signal to retry the 
RDM send after an EAGAIN.

Cheers, Jörn

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