[libfabric-users] Can only use one NIC port in libfabric 1.6.1

Jörn Schumacher jorn.schumacher at cern.ch
Wed Sep 5 10:52:21 PDT 2018

Hi Sean,

It's not that libfabric binds to a specific address, but to a specific 
domain in the passive endpoint.

The domain is only ignored when the domain is set to VERBS_ANY_DOMAIN:

That is set only when no domain name is given:

If you follow the stacktrace of this call, you will see that this is 
only the case when ofi_is_only_src_port_set yields true. And this is 
only the case when in the parameters to fi_getinfo the node is NULL:
If anything else is given for node, even "", the call returns false.


On 09/05/2018 06:39 PM, Hefty, Sean wrote:
>> Looks like this was in the past OK:
>> fi_getinfo(FI_VERSION(1, 1), "", "12345", FI_SOURCE, hints,
>> &fi))
> Hmmm... do you know what address the server ends up with asking for this option?
>> While now you need to use:
>> fi_getinfo(FI_VERSION(1, 1), NULL, "12345", FI_SOURCE, hints, &fi))
> - Sean
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