[libfabric-users] Determining available providers

Philip Davis philip.e.davis at rutgers.edu
Tue Sep 25 12:03:31 PDT 2018


I am looking for a way to reliably find the available providers on a system where the libfabric library (and fi_info utility) is being cross-compiled. For example, on Theta the compute nodes have gni, while the login nodes do not. I can build the gni provider and use it at run-time, but I cannot use the fi_info utility on the login nodes to identify that my libfabric installation has GNI support (I get a failure with -FI_ENODATA.) I am developing for a library that uses libfabric, and I’d like to do some conditional compilation based on available providers (e.g. include the gni extended header if GNI is available, among other things.) Is there some robust/well-known way to do this in a build system if fi_info cannot be relied-upon?


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