[libfabric-users] libfabric at SC2019?

Biddiscombe, John A. biddisco at cscs.ch
Sun Nov 17 21:22:41 PST 2019

Just a small libfabric fyi

We will present results of our hpx task based astrophysics application on thursday. A portion of the talk is devoted to the rewrite of the networking layer (not too much detail) to make use of libfabric instead of MPI - we got a very nice performance boost using up to 5400 nodes of piz daint at CSCS. https://sc19.supercomputing.org/presentation/?id=pap557&sess=sess168


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Nor am I.

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>> Are there any libfabric events at SC next week?
>I am not aware of any.
>- Sean
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