[libfabric-users] IPoIB and verbs provider

Matthew Alexandrakis m.alexandrakis at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Sep 6 06:12:06 PDT 2019


We have been configuring ofi for the 2019 Intel Compiler. More specifically, we used the verbs provider (Linux plus Infiniband), which requires an IPoIB - which was not previously required by OFA.

We have several Infiniband islands - though it's possible in the future we could join them together. The easiest way for us to configure IPoIB would be to use an IPv6 Link local address (if we then joined islands together it would just work). Unfortunately, this doesn't work - it fails with an IP address not found. Furthermore, when we do assign a globally routable IP address, an IP based transport is used, rather than the RDMA that should give better performance.

Going through the latest release notes, I noticed that IPv6 functionality was mentioned in v1.7.0, under Core: "Enhance IPv6 addressing support for AVs" and Sockets: "Add support for IPv6". Indeed, Sockets did work with IPv6 enabled. Verbs, on the other hand, defaulted running over Ethernet instead. Is IPv6 meant to work with verbs or is it Sockets-only?

Both the internal Intel libfabric 1.7.2a-impi, and 1.8.0 were used, with the same results.



Matthaios Alexandrakis

Research Software Engineer, IT Services

Queen Mary University of London
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